Frances Salman

Wreck Information

Date Lost: January 18, 1942

Fate: Sunk by U-552

Year Built: 1919

Nationality: United States

Type: Steamship

# Onboard: 28

# Died: 28

Location: 7 miles south of Cape Race

Just three days after the attack on the Dayrose, the unescorted and unarmed Frances Salman was torpedoed by the same U-552 about 7 miles south of Cape Race. Several distress signals were sent but were not heard by Allied stations. The ship attempted to escape and avoided four torpedoes but the fifth torpedo, fired from about 500 yards, struck the ship aft and caused her to sink by the stern within ten minutes in rough seas. The bow remained above the water for about 25 minutes before disappearing. Some of the eight officers and 20 crewmen managed to launch a lifeboat, but due to the state of the seas, none survived.

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Specifications / Other:

Length: 76.5

Tonnage: 2609

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