The Shipwreck Preservation Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is currently seeking corporate sponsors to help efforts to research, locate, document and protect shipwrecks in our province. Beyond our Board of Directors personal commitment to this effort, we require funding annually to support public and media engagement; researching and writing articles, reports, presentations, and online content; as well as the expense of locating and exploring new shipwreck discoveries. Any donation will also be used directly to promote public awareness of and education on shipwrecks and the importance of our nautical heritage to the history of Newfoundland & Labrador. Sponsors can choose to either support specific shipwreck projects or the broader activities of the Society.

Besides raising public awareness and promoting stewardship, SPSNL is also a stakeholder and partner in other industries. We work directly with local communities, museums, heritage organizations, and others in the cultural and tourism industries. The Department of National Defense’s Unexploded Ordinance Legacy Sites Program and Fleet Diving Unit have looked to us for reports and historical information on potential underwater hazards. The Coast Guard’s Environmental Response Team has requested information on shipwrecks at risk of leaking pollutants. Also, the Provincial Archeology Office frequently includes project reports from SPSNL in their Annual Review of archaeological projects around Newfoundland & Labrador.

SPSNL actively promotes shipwreck history and our projects on our website (www.ShipwrecksNL.ca) and social media channels. This offers us many opportunities to publicly recognize our sponsors and what their donations have helped us achieve.

By helping our volunteer board continue their passion to promote discovery, stewardship and awareness of shipwrecks, you are contributing 100% to preserving the maritime culture and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Sponsorship Benefits

In addition to acknowledging your organization’s contribution directed toward a specific shipwreck , the following sponsorship levels will apply:

Platinum$10,000 or more• Project sponsorship
• Website Sponsor logo
• ShipWrecksNL.ca Home Page banner & link
• Three “This Shipwreck Sponsored by…” Pages
• Monthly & Project – related Social Media tags
• Public Media Mentions  SPSNL Swag
Gold$5000 or more• Website Sponsor logo
• Two “This Shipwreck Sponsored by…” Pages
• Monthly Social Media tag
• SPSNL Swag
Silver$2500 or more• Website Sponsor logo
• One “This Shipwreck Sponsored by…” Page
• Monthly Social Media tag
• SPSNL Swag
Bronze$1000 or more• Website Sponsor logo
• Social Media tag
• SPSNL Swag

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