Shipwreck Preservation Society

of Newfoundland & Labrador


 Sir Anthony Deane

 Harwich, England

 Completed  1675
 Owner  Royal Navy  Type  5th-rate Frigate
 Captain  Thomas Cleasby  Assignment

 Convoy & fisheries protection

 Gross Tons  346  Crew

 130 to 135

 Length  106 feet  Draft  12.5 feet
 Beam  27 feet  Total guns  28 to 32
 Propulsion  Sails  Masts  3

Shipwreck Information

 Date  September 11, 1696  Location  Bay Bulls, Newfoundland
 Fate  Burned & sunk  Crew lost  0 (40 French boarders killed?)
 Weather  ?  Sea state  ?

Bell Island Shipwreck Project

SPSNL is supporting the Bell Island Shipwreck Project in partnership with Daniel Rees, Rebecca Smith and Ken Keeping. The first round of survey dives on the PLM-27, Lord Strathcona and Saganaga were completed in early August. More survey dives are planned for this fall. Check the SPSNL Facebook group for details.


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