Shipwreck Preservation Society

of Newfoundland & Labrador

CBC TV's Land & Sea episode entitled Stories of the Deep features SPSNL's underwater archaeology project at Conception Harbour in 2013. Interviews include SPSNL president Neil Burgess and maritime archaeologist Ken Keeping. There is another segment on the Bell Island shipwrecks and Ocean Quest Adventures. The last segment features Ken Keeping and his seafloor survey vessel.

Many thanks to Jane Adey and the Land & Sea crew for this wonderful program!

You can watch it online by clicking on the photo below:

Stories of the Deep

Bell Island Shipwreck Project

SPSNL is supporting the Bell Island Shipwreck Project in partnership with Daniel Rees, Rebecca Smith and Ken Keeping. The first round of survey dives on the PLM-27, Lord Strathcona and Saganaga were completed in early August. More survey dives are planned for this fall. Check the SPSNL Facebook group for details.


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